NvA-MW300 Series In-Line Wafer Metallic Contamination Monitoring System

Product Information

NvA-MW300 is a world first in-line wafer metallic non-visual defect detection system to prevent yield drop or wafer scraps by metal contamination in the semiconductor manufacturing Fabs.

It is a standalone and fully automated system with a built-in VPD and an integrated ICP-MS. And it supports FA and Host communication and it has its own auto calibration function and safety features for the in-line use not only Q-Labs application.

  • ㆍFull Automatic Wafer Handling, VPD & Sample preparation, ICP-MS Analysis and Wafer Cleaning
    ㆍICP-MS integrated for IN-LINE application
    ㆍQuantitative measurement with Auto calibration
    ㆍSafety Design and Interlock system against leak
    ㆍFactory Automation and On-line Data Collection Support
    ㆍField proven system (>50 install base)
  • ㆍDetection limit : 10 ppt (1.0E8 atoms/cm^2)
    ㆍThroughput : 3 WPH
    ㆍTarget Elements : Li, Na, Mg, Al, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn Ge, As, Cd, Ln, Ba, Ta, W, Pb, etc.
    ㆍDetector : ICP-MS (Agilent 7900/8900)
  • ㆍTool qualification after install and PM (<2hrs vs Days)
    ㆍRegular monitoring of process/machine induced metallic contamination