Common competence

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving ability
Perform product development, product design, system design, element technology development, etc.
  • Design
    • Hardware design, electric field design and system optimization design for semiconductor / display process inspection and analysis system development
    • Development Tools : SolidWorks, AutoCAD
    • Job skills : creativity, engineering sense, professionalism
  • S    /    W
    • Development of HOST communication system for program and automation for system operation and control
    • Development tools : Visual Studio C # or Python
    • Job skills : creativity, logic, analytical skills, professionalism
  • Research development
    • Establish concept for system development, develop core element technology, verify equipment demo evaluation and performance, and perform WWTS (Worldwide Tech Support) function
    • Job skills : creativity, planning, analytical skills, professionalism
Create new products and promote sales to generate revenue
  • Sales
    • Analyze demand of major customers and potential customers to establish sales and mid / long term sales strategies
    • Job Skills : Strategic Thinking, Goal Consciousness, Responsibility
  • Marketing
    • Establish long-term strategy of company through market analysis, customer analysis and competitor analysis, establish new product development direction, create market through technology marketing
    • Job Skills : Strategic Thinking, Analytical Skills, Information Skills, Language Skills, Presentations
  • C    /    S
    • Performs tasks such as set-up, stabilization, and maintenance of the customer's products, and provides help to make efficient operation of the facility by transferring the necessary skills and know-how to the customer
    • Skills : Equipment set-up, BM / PM ability
Manufacturing quality
Perform work to improve product quality and productivity
  • Manufacture
    • The task is to improve the efficiency of the facility and safety management on the worksite by: making the equipment production plan / production management and assembly of the electronics / pipeline / instrument assembly to make the system that can effectively perform the semiconductor process inspection to achieve product quality and maximize productivity.
    • Job ability: cost consciousness, problem consciousness, analytical power
  • quality
    • We carry out the tasks of guaranteeing perfect quality from equipment manufacturing to shipment, such as import inspection of parts, assembly inspection, auto-run test, certification, process test (pollution evaluation), customer inspection and shipment report submission.
    • Job ability : cost consciousness, problem consciousness, analytical power
Business Support
Staff work to support management decision making such as planning, finance, personnel and purchasing
  • HR / Secretary
    • We carry out tasks such as personnel, labor, recruitment, education and training, welfare, stabilization of labor-management relations, optimization of human resources, and strategic personnel management to achieve company's success.
    • Job ability : cost consciousness, customer-oriented thinking, planning ability
  • Finance
    • Steadily provide financial status steadily to finance the operation and management activities in a timely and appropriate manner, provide company asset status and management performance information from management and internal and external customers through proper accounting of the executed funds and rapid cost analysis To carry out the task.
  • Purchasing
    • Based on a thorough purchasing strategy, we aim to produce optimal products, optimal costs, and optimal delivery while working to maximize profits.
    • Job skills : competence, judgment, external negotiation / coordination
  • Planning
    • In order to enhance sustainable competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment, we conduct internal and external analysis of the environment, mid- to long-term business strategy, management accounting related to goal and performance management, and also legal affairs.
    • Job Skills : Creativity, Innovation, Planning, Systematic Thinking Skills