NvA-MG3000 Series An Automatic Gas/Chemical Metallic Impurity Monitoring System

Product Information

vA-MG3000 is a metallic impurity monitoring system for gas for material manufacturing companies and semiconductor manufacturing Fabs.

It consists of a Central Analysis Unit and multiple Satellite Sampling Units.

A SSU is connected to gas storage tanks at CCSS or pipes supplying process gas to process tools, and takes and delivers sample to the CAU.

It is a fully automated and FA compatible system with auto calibration, auto dilution and safety features for the in-line use not only Q-Labs application.

  • ㆍFull Automatic sample gathering, delivery and ICP-MS Analysis
    ㆍUpto 5 Channels / SSU (Single channel SSU is also available)
    ㆍAn CAU can support upto 4 Sampling Units (Max. 20 Channels)
    ㆍAuto Dilution System for viscous chemicals
    ㆍGas Bubbling System for Gas sample
    ㆍDouble Wall Piping Delivery and Auto Chemical Shutdown for Safety
    ㆍFactory Automation and Host Communication Support
    ㆍQuantitative measurement with Auto calibration
    ㆍSelf Cleaning of Sample Delivery Tube.
  • ㆍDetection limit : >10 ppt (1.0E8 atoms/cm^2)
    ㆍCycle time : 4 hrs
    ㆍTarget Elements : Li, Na, Mg, Al, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn Ge, As, Cd, Ln, Ba, Ta, W, Pb, etc.
    ㆍDetector : ICP-MS (Agilent 7900/8900)
  • ㆍOutgoing QC of Gas and Chemicals for Material companies.
    ㆍReal-time monitoring of process gas and chemicals for the tools in semiconductor manufacturing fabs.