NvA-OW300 Series In-Line Wafer Organic Contamination Monitoring System

Product Information

NvA-OW300 is a world first in-line wafer organic non-visual defect detection system to prevent yield drop or wafer scraps by organic contamination in the semiconductor manufacturing Fabs.

It is a standalone and fully automated system with a built-in TD, CT and an integrated TOF-MS. And it supports FA and Host communication and it has its own auto calibration function and safety features for the in-line use not only Q-Labs application.

  • ㆍFull Automatic Wafer handling, Sample preparation and TD-UCT-TOF Analysis
    ㆍTD-UCT-TOF integrated for IN-LINE application
    ㆍQuantitative measurement with Auto calibration using permeation tube
    ㆍFactory Automation and Host communication Support
    ㆍNo harmful Gas/Chemical is used.
  • ㆍDetection limit : 1 ppt (1.0E7 atoms/cm^2)
    ㆍThroughput : 2 WPH
    ㆍOrganic residues on the wafer surface : CxFy, CxCly, CxFyClz, CxHyFz, CxHyClz and similar
    ㆍDetector : TOF
  • ㆍMonitoring of residual by-product (CxFyHz) on the wafer surface or shallow bulk area After Etch Process
    ㆍCorrelation study of Organic residuals and Contact related defects such as contact not open and high contact resistance
    ㆍAnalysis on the effect of PR(PGMEA etc.) and Stripper (NMP etc.) residues on Oxidization GOI degradation, CVD charge to ㆍbreakdown degradation and photo haze defects.
    ㆍAMC analysis
    ㆍCorrelation study of Q-time and outgassing material